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Orlando Trip - Day 3 & A Big Surprise

The third day of our trip was interesting one. Will told me on Friday that he made reservations for Cinderella's Royal Table on Sunday for brunch, so I was super excited because it's always been a dream to visit Magic Kingdom, but mostly Cinderella's Castle.

I woke up extra early not just because I was excited to visit Cinderella's Castle, but because I really wanted to catch the sun rise outside and take pictures of the lake behind our building, so here's a few shots I took:

Isn't it gorgeous? I wish I can see views like this New York City. After Will woke up and we both ate breakfast we proceeded to park in Disney Springs and caught an UBER to Magic Kingdom where we had to ride a rail to the ferry to actually get to the park/Castle. We were almost late for our reservation, but they gave us a ten minute window to get to the castle.

There were a lot of people lining up. I was extremely excited for the castle experience. I read reviews on Yelp about the experience and how four princess would come out for picture and autograph. The restaurant/castle sure was humongous and big. They also gave a magic wand to me and a sword to Will.

Everyone was very humble, lovely, friendly, respectful and hospitable. 

We had a Prix-Fixe menu which included the Chef's Tasting Table (a platter of cured meats, cheese, and other special selections of the castle). I had the Chef's Fish of the Day which was salmon and Will had the Beef & Shrimp (grilled beef tenderloin with crushed fingerling potato confit, shrimp, and seasonal vegetables).The waitress didn't take our dessert order which I was a little unhappy about because I thought they forgot because the restaurant was super busy, but later on...

A plate of rose petals and Cinderella's glass shoe was on the plate, three people including our waitress was surrounding our table, and Will got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.
It happened! It really happened! I can't believe he proposed in a restaurant full of people and at Cinderella's Castle, a place I've been dreaming about for years. The waitress apologized for not taking our dessert orders and explained why and insisted she could take our order instead, but I said no, it's okay. 

Will hired Disney Photographers to take a picture of the magic moment and they photos came out pretty amazing! They let us keep the Cinderella Glass Shoe and a set of Cinderella's glasses. So nice and thoughtful of them! They also gave us buttons to put on our shirts.

I also wanted to take a picture in front of the castle as it was a wish I had for before I turned 30. Unfortunately, I wasn't watching where I was stepping, missed a step and fell and scraped my knee. It hurt quite a lot at first, but somehow I was able to slowly walk around Disney Springs with Will afterwards.

We ended up eating dinner at Portobello inside Disney Springs. We had Italian food and it was amazing! The staff were super friendly and the restaurant itself was great. The waitress found out it was our engagement day so she gave us a complimentary slice of chocolate cake. It was heaven!

It was definitely a great day to remember, minus the heat and that I fell. After dinner, we headed back to our resort and started strategically packing since the next day was our last day in Orlando.


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